Llamas and Food

I like llamas. And food. Yeah. My name is Brayden.. I like food. DON'T JUDGE ME Dx But yeah, my name is Brayden Mitchell and I have and obsession with llamas and food. No, I'm not gay. But I love you, if you follow me. Thank you <3 Oh, and I mainly reblog food, since, YUSH, I LOVE FOOD. K? So I'll also reblog other things too:P Hey guess what? I love you<3

posting the pic here too. haircut!

hoolagamb-ino said: You're really cute..:$<3

thank youuu

Anonymous said: follow- foodordiebitches


"Ask me anything, ILL BE HONEST! c;"



guys I’m never pausing icarly again what the fuck is happening here

shes about to suck me off that’s whats happening here

Anonymous said: p.s i can see the lady gaga poster in the background of your picture,and lady gaga is kind of my life i have a tatoo of her okay thats it

lady gaga is my babe

Anonymous said: kay sorry i didnt finish my last message, i looked to the side of the page and saw your picture and i got lost in your perfect face. okay so to wrap this upp i absoluletly hate when you post sad stuff about dying because if you werent here the world would be ugly and i think that if the sun was reincarnated as a person it would be you honestly. And im never going to look at another boy,or love,or date or whatever unless its you. P.S i won "best dessert" in my high school home economics class js

xo and i want you to make me food ok

Anonymous said: ok so ive been typing this message and erasing it evreyday for a while but ive decided im actually going to send this. im so in love with you..you dont know me, but i have you on facebook and all that.I honestly love you more than anything. This isn't the normal fangirling, but i really want you and only you.I honestly think your the only one for me. Not because of your looks (well get to your looks in a minute) but your personality is perfect, your so sweet like idek how to explain. (cont..)

What an amazing message… Thank you!! You never did finish. But thank you! I love youuuuuu. And love is only a state of mind (:

Gonna change up my theme!